So Hawt SL blogging round 8

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this is my first official post on my PERSONAL blog for the new year…

My official post was on Seraphim and has to do with the photos below for, The Outlet Sales Room..
If you would like DETAILED info then please click the link above and you will see all the prices, and outfit/item names and descriptions!

sohawsl greymoon

The above photo & one below, I decided to share with you, some items from, Greymoon that are available at the Sales Room event!
Also, the hair is a new release that is availble at Fameshed from Exile by, Kavar Cleanslate called, “I will wait”..

So here is the outfit and all the rest of the photos!

sohawsl greymoon2
Make sure to stay tuned, and look for all the info following the photos!

Happy New Year!


About Lyssa Sapeur

I am a designer and creator in the virtual world "Second Life". I own the stores/companies: Greymoon, Bundleworks, Bundle of Joy, Patchlets and Patchworks. I spend my time daydreaming and designing. My rl person has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as some other illnesses. These prevent me from working outside the home but I use SL as a means for releasing my creativity and staying in contact with good friends. View all posts by Lyssa Sapeur

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