Eccentric Usagi Blogging for Round 8

The following two blog links are from Eccentric Unagi and showcase three of the designers found at the current round of The Outlet Sales Room.

The first shows a dramatic look at the items by “Sinful Needs”.  The second shows the set being offered by [WM] along with the mesh Shirt by “Greymoon”. Very awesome blogging.

Reblogged from Eccentric Unagi – My Children Come Here

Reblogged from Eccentric Unagi – The Outlet Strikes Again

My children, come here…

“I have to tell you something

Soon you’ll be by yourself

I will leave you all alone…”


 ” Too long is the pass 

I have to walk 

Too far away is my destination

Too rare are the honest words

Too far away is my horizon “


” My strength is in you

My Light will guide you

Too long is the pass…”


and next….

The Outlet strikes again

I am not one for really doing furniture. Like, I love furniture, but decorating is not my strongest point. Lol, I have to get my girlfriend or find somebody on plurk to come decorate my house. Skylar, came and decorated my carrot house for me lol. So!  Moving along! The Outlet Sales Room, has a lot of different genres and items about. A lot of new creators to me, that I haven’t even heard of .

This one isn’t new to me, Wayward Muse has a nice set out. Greymoon, which is totally new to me has a couple of items out as well.  Put! This is preview one of the Outlet! Stay tuned for more items!!!

Eccentric Unagi 2 Eccentric Unagi

read more at “Eccentric Unagi”


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I am a designer and creator in the virtual world "Second Life". I own the stores/companies: Greymoon, Bundleworks, Bundle of Joy, Patchlets and Patchworks. I spend my time daydreaming and designing. My rl person has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as some other illnesses. These prevent me from working outside the home but I use SL as a means for releasing my creativity and staying in contact with good friends. View all posts by Lyssa Sapeur

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