On Stage for Round 9 – Frozen, Prism and Razorblade Jacket

On Stage Round 9_Film Strip

On Stage through the film lens

I wanted to show off some of the fantastic offerings being offered during round 9 at The Outlet. I decided to take the show to the stage and put on a little show. I started my performance with the wonderful series of poses by “Frozen” aptly titled Guitar Poses. I take the film through 5 stages of my performance ending with a lovely pose from the Model Poses set.

Looking good for my audience was important, so I wore the “=Razorblade Jacket= Ballistic Nylon 1/2 Coat w/ Solid Shirt”  I matched the shirt with the lowrise lycra yoga pants also being offered by Razorblade Jacket. I love the rigging on these and they move with me like a second skin. The pants are offered in 3 different colors. A must have for any wardrobe.

For my second set I looked forward to sinking into the comfortable seat by Prism furniture. The “Kurilian Chair” boasts 9 different animation to chose from. My stage is graced with the “Flanagan Rose Vase W/ Twigs” and the “Kurilian End Table”, magazines and flowers.

Need  a ride?


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I am a designer and creator in the virtual world "Second Life". I own the stores/companies: Greymoon, Bundleworks, Bundle of Joy, Patchlets and Patchworks. I spend my time daydreaming and designing. My rl person has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as some other illnesses. These prevent me from working outside the home but I use SL as a means for releasing my creativity and staying in contact with good friends. View all posts by Lyssa Sapeur

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