Tickle Me Tummy for The Outlet – Zombie Suicide round 10

The following blog link is from Tickle Me Tummy:
→ GreyMoon

Reblogged from Tickle Me Tummy for Zombie Suicide

Something new, something fun!  The Outlet Sales Room brings together 25 designers every two weeks with some absolutely fantastic merchandise for sale.  For this round we have…

From Zombie Suicide comes the  Wife beater top red, Mustache belted mesh jeans, Triple dimpled piercing and the Checkered red skully skate shoes.  Worn together or mixed and matched, they are absolutely cute!

Zombie-Suicide_003-1024x780 Zombie-Suicide_004-1024x744 Zombie-Suicide_005 Zombie-Suicide_002-1024x835

For full post with credits go here

The Outlet Sales Room:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Battlestar/209/196/2502


About Lyssa Sapeur

I am a designer and creator in the virtual world "Second Life". I own the stores/companies: Greymoon, Bundleworks, Bundle of Joy, Patchlets and Patchworks. I spend my time daydreaming and designing. My rl person has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well as some other illnesses. These prevent me from working outside the home but I use SL as a means for releasing my creativity and staying in contact with good friends. View all posts by Lyssa Sapeur

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